Creativity and Expertise

We are a young team, with experience and background in fashion, marketing and clothes manufacturing.
We put continuously our know how at your disposal; Client is in the middle of our activity, analyzing your needs we’ll suggest solutions that could help you to reach your goal.
Our experience and reliability are the mix to help your brand to be well known and fashionable.

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Product, Time

  • Your special production Made with pantone colors could be realized starting with a minimum quantity of 150 pieces for kind (different sizes).
  • Your project will be produced after the approval of the sketches in five weeks.
  • The dispatch to the final destination will be done within 24 hours from quality check.
First slide

First slide

Quality, Price

  • For your Items we use Just high quality fabrics and materials, fabrics Made with long Fiber combed yard, shrink resistant, special vintage washing effect, silicone, brushed.
  • All the products receive an accurate quality check for sizes congruency, fabric colour holding and customization quality.
  • Our supplier and partner network give us the opportunity to Give you the best ratio quality price.

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