In Search of Excellence

Every single step of the process for the manufacturing of your products have the scope to provide a top quality item in a satisfactory lead time. All the people involved in the process from office design to the logistic team have as unique goal to provide everything needed from our clients with the maximum professionalism and reliability.
In our job we look for the excellence in order to provide you the best result.

Briefing - BrainStorming

We’ll take advantage of the time required to understand your needs and transform your ideas into products that can help to build your brand, creating a strong synergy with your customers.
Your targets will be our guide ideas.

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Our style department and our designers will work with you analyzing each side of the project. From relevant points as project development theme, to textile and material choice to final details as packaging.
We’ll gather all the info we would require in order to project your collection. It would be coherent and perfectly aligned to your market targets and would support the achievement of your target.

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We’ll realize your collection designs as per information gathered during concept phase.
The continue research that stands us out, mixed with our deepened knowledge of fashion market, will guarantee a wide variety of unique and fashionable clothing. They are designed for you and through them you'll be the one who will decide your own collection.

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Product development

Once we have identified the right frame we’ll study being very carefully details, fabrics, colors, materials, accessories, labels, packaging.
Every item will be efficiently linked to your collection main topic so that your company goals , your Brand coherence and your client target would be respected.
Details will be the added value that will determine your success.

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Once our sketch, material, accessories and details will be approved we’ll start the samples production: these are needed to verify your logos size and how they fits in fabrics.
After another samples approvation we’ll hand off your project to our specialists that will check the production step by step assuring quality and timeliness.
The high level of know-how that distinguish us and our global partners network allow us to find the best items at the best price and in a good lead time.

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Delivery & Logistic

We deal with partners that guarantee us an excellent reliability in the logistic steps of import and delivery.
Our shipment department will dispatch the goods at the destinations provided by you within 24 hours from the quality check held in our warehouses.
Our logistic department guarantee the best reliability in the delivery of the goods in the prearranged days.
We provide, for the clients that have this need, the storage of the goods and the deferred dispatch where you need to have the goods delivered.

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